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In September of 2016, Bountiful Spinal Care became a chapter of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Hands For Life. When we heard about the Hands for Life program, we were excited that a non-profit organization exists to provide the platform for reaching out to those who would not normally have access to chiropractic care, both in the community and worldwide. In addition, the organization supports the initiative for quality water, food, and education for those in need. We agree with the Hands for Life mission and have launched a chapter here in Bountiful, UT so that we can serve people (and animals!) here at home and across the world.

The Hands For Life Mission:

To create a natural avenue for the underserved, financial hard-shipped population throughout the world to regain their health through:

  1. Chiropractic care creating an efficiently running nervous system,
  2. Accessible clean water and healthy food,
  3. The opportunity to have a superior education so that each person can reach their god given potential and create a healthier world tomorrow.

Actions Speak Louder

As part of our commitment to the Hands For Life mission, Bountiful Spinal Care engages in a variety of charitable activities and community outreach programs. These programs range from providing free or discounted chiropractic care, all the way to traveling overseas to provide medical clinics and schools for educating those in need.

Our activities include:

Free or discounted chiropractic services for those in need

Health Fairs, employee appreciation events, spinal screenings, and scoliosis checks

Overseas medical clinics and education support

Additional services based on need


Bountiful, Utah chiropractor Dr. Clint J. Grover specializes in headache and migraine relief and also helps people with neck pain, back pain, low back and disc issues, sciatica, carpal tunnel and a number of other problems.

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